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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Escape from Chaos

As this is our last week as residents of Ukee, we are currently hip-deep in packing activities which means that we are presently surrounded by all manner of baggages, packages, parcels and paraphernalia... in short, utter CHAOS!


And to boot, it was pouring down with rain this morning, making the propect of filling further cardboard coffins a decidedly miserable prospect. Imagine our delight when, as we broke our fast, the the rain stopped, and the sun shone brightly in a sky of deep azure. Time to hit the beach!


We have promised ourselves that during this last week, that we would try to get out as much as our duties allowed to bask in the beauty of this amazing place and pack our memory banks as full as possible before we leave next weekend for our new digs in North Vancouver.

Today, we headed for Wick Beach and were pleasantly surprised to see some quite decent waves, possibly from the hurricane that has been responsible for the great surf along the California coast the last few days. The surfers were out in droves, taking advantage of both the weather and the waves.


As usual, Marcelle was right in the surf, wading along the shoreline as we made our way north along the beach. And, as usual, it didn't take long before a 'rogue wave' managed to attack her and thoughtfully drench her to the waist. (As you, Dear Reader, will probably know by now, this is de regueur for my darling wife, who seems to somehow attract these 'rogue waves'.)



A fine mist was blowing in from offshore, creating a layer of separation from the background distance, helping to pop out subjects on the beach in the middle distance.


Reaching our turn-around point, we found a convenient log upon which to cop a squat and have some water and rest our old legs for the walk back down the beach to the car.


As we trudged back, I shot some of the innumerable tiny jellies that lay upon the sand, capturing the sun's light like little biological lenses, magnifying the sand they lay over.


Weary from the walk, but with hearts full, we made our way back to town and treated ourselves to a lunch at the The Blue Room, where Trish and Melanie looked after us in style, as always. While we have often had breakfast there, this was our first time for lunch, and with the countdown to the move, we will probably be eating out a bit over the next few days and our kitchen inexorably disappears into boxes!


We just need to figure out a way to package some of this marvellous place and take it with us. But then again, that's what this blog has been all about: Capturing life on the edge!

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