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Friday, 29 August 2014

Local Photographer Shot on Big Beach!

Now that I have your attention, let me allay your fears, Dear Reader... your humble narrator was not a victim in the sights of a mad gunman, but rather in the viewfinder of a very talented fellow photog, David Paul Crombie. David, whom Marcelle and I had the pleasure of meeting just recently, has become a valued and generous friend. An amiable, gentle, soft-spoken soul, David has a remarkable eye for composition and a sense of timing that enable him to work easily and effectively with subjects to produce stunning images.

Last evening, Dave asked us to meet him at Big Beach so he could shoot Marcelle and I for some sunset pictures. Here is an example of his fine work:

Image copyright David Paul Crombie

Be sure to check out more of David's fine work on his website.

The three of us had a fun and productive time as David posed us here and there and let us do what we just love doing... love each other! Snogging in the great outdoors, all for the sake of art, is something that I can get behind 110%, so a splendid time was had by all. We look forward to seeing more of the results of David's wonderful art.

Here's a picture of the artist himself:


And just to prove that no photographers were harmed during this production, I present a couple of iPhone shots from this morning where Marcelle and I went for brekky at our favorite diner, the Blue Room.


Food for the soul last evening, and food for the body this morning.

Ah, life on the edge can be exhilarating!


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